DGN Retail Entrepreneurs day

Project Description

After a period with many changes, including the move to a single head office, a new procurement structure and adding a new formula for the organization, state DGN retail on the eve of a promising, but also exciting future. Many entrepreneurs view the changes with suspicion. The annual Entrepreneurs therefore not only aim accountable submit the annual report, but also to motivate and encourage entrepreneurs with confidence and enthusiasm to make the effort and jointly build the future. Starlive will be asked to present a concept for Entrepreneurs, in which the above objectives can be achieved. Selected for the theme “Together Furthermore Komen. Together should start to move the entrepreneurs to further develop the organization. A communication path is being developed with an appealing invitation, a special website for the notifications and a confirmation letter with barcodes. At the entrance to the approximately 500 guests, after scanning their letters personally welcomed on the flat screens in the running tracks. Here are two sporty dressed hostesses that encourage guests to “warm up” for a big day. At the registration desk, guests will receive their badges, which can be directly awarded as one can see in the names on the flat screens, that wait is prevented and the guests immediately experience a warm and personal welcome. The Annual Meeting will be, as well as the subsequent Infotainment Program, opened with a tough, in the do-it-yourself sector appropriate video bumper on the topic. A flashy photo mosaic of all entrepreneurs and employees, who together form the logo of DGN retail, visualizes the message today. By formula the best entrepreneur is chosen and put in the spotlight after the jubilee will be honored on stage. A tribute for many years of loyalty to the organization and a reward for entrepreneurship. Guest speaker Carl Rohde let the entrepreneurs see the trends currently playing at consumers wherever they as entrepreneurs can respond to more success. The festive evening was opened with an impressive theatrical spectacle full of acrobatics and singing about DGN retail. This opening creates a sense of pride and belonging to the guests. A welcoming party follows this, which besides music also “do it yourself” is central. There is a graffiti workshop and guests with an espresso coffee can compose their own creations. The festival ends with a concert by VanVelzen, with guests like one big family together exuberant singing and dancing. Special concert lights are designed to provide an atmosphere enhancing effect. Witness comments like ‘tears in my eyes at the opening song’ with this concept hit the guests and the message in their heads and hearts hurt. This process of awakening the next time can be further expanded by the management.


Project Details

  • KlantDGN Retail
  • Aantal personen500
  • DoelstellingEntrepreneurs day