Six Handshakes


On October 7 afternoon the first Six Handshakes event in Amsterdam takes place. Want to know more about doing business in the network economy? Want to see inspiring examples of working together in a network, find funding over a network or finding talent, partners and customers in a network? Would you open up your own network for the success of others? And you want to be helped a year further? Sign up now to Six Handshakes!

Date: October 7, 2015

Time: 14:00 to 17:00 (drinks)

Location: Head office of ABN AMRO Amsterdam


Networking is clear in theory but difficult in practice. Where do you start talking? Do you have trouble with the opening up or you find it at all difficult to talk? According to research people watched the first 10 seconds during the encounter most of your appearance. Rens de Jong explains in the video below, therefore, this restraint is not necessary. So just start talking and discover the power of the network during Six Handshakes on October 7! Let’s get to know each other.

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Innovation does not only come from large companies but also startups. You do not only get money from only the bank but also potential customers. Knowledge can not be kept to yourself, but has to be shared with others. Welcome to the powerful new world of network economy.

Make the Netherlands THE network-economy of the world. That is our goal. Where entrepreneurs and professionals continue to help each other through their network. We know “if someone I connect every day with another from my network, we all grow faster.”

Every person on earth is removed up to six hands from another. “Six degrees of separation” is what scientist and social psychologist Stanley Milgram calls it. With every step you take in the network, the number of people you reach becomes exponentially larger.

To get as many networks work together Six Handshakes is a series of events and a platform where entrepreneurs can find each other. Our guarantee: after the Six Handshakes event, every visitor has access to one or two valuable connections.

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