Media Park honors broadcast celebrities

Project Description

The streets in the Media Park in Hilversum Media City, since May 13, 2013 named after important personalities from the world of radio and television. In total, the Media Park received 23 new names of broadcasting heroes – pioneers of then and now. Starlive communication & events organized the unveiling, which took place at the Institute ”Beeld en Geluid” in the Media Park. Numerous persons mentioned were thereby present themselves or their survivors, like Eve Noise, one of the children of Willem Ruis, with her family, and the children of Rudi Carrell. Others present were Linda de Mol and John de Mol Sr., Mies Bouwman and her husband, director Leen Timp, Koos Postema, André van Duin, Barend en Van Dorp and Wim T. Schippers. Joop van den Ende had the colleagues present an emotional message – ‘in camera’ – narrated. Frank Evenblij led a talk show with the parties involved and interviewed some. Guests also saw André van Duin as Mr. Wijdbeens in a hilarious quest to the streets at the Media Park. The mayor of Hilversum, Peter Broertjes, then revealed any names. Showgirls in beautiful costumes finally showed up with replicas of the street name signs on the podium, which were then symbolically handed over to the named them or their family. “It was a challenge for this group, which has seen it all and everything follows with a critical eye, to create a program,” said Berry de Jong and Jan Eleveld of Starlive, “but given the many positive responses and emails afterwards, we fortunately succeeded. ” “These names are not so chosen, there is some research and talk many preceded. A street name in life is an unprecedented honor. It is a distinction with a value that actually transcends almost all the prizes. “Said Han Peekel, which has been busy the last year and a half with this initiative from its foundation Media memory. “The reason why the streets, roads are named now also has a practical reason,” said Jacco Hobo Park Media Manager. “The park has grown so large and certainly the composition has changed dramatically in recent years, that the word ‘Sumatralaan 45″ (until recently so the only and official street name for the entire Media Park) was not outdated ” Swagger says. “At Municipality Hilversum Media Park management Safety is also very important. Emergency services may now on the basis of the new street names are faster on the spot. In short, the accessibility of this unique business park is thus definitely improved. “Concludes Peter Broertjes.

Project Details

  • Datum13 - May
  • LocatieInstitute ''Beeld en Geluid''